Thursday, May 10, 2007

THE TRUTH ABOUT ADD - The Core Symptoms you need to know about to prevent misdiagnosis

THE TRUTH ABOUT ADD - The Core Symptoms you need to know about to prevent misdiagnosis -

This is the first in a series of posts that will discuss the core symptoms of all types of ADD/ADHD. If you've ever wondered if you or a loved one has ADD/ADHD this is one series of blog posts you have to read.

There are six different types of ADD according to Daniel G. Amen author of Healing ADD. However there are a few core symptoms that are common to all types of ADD:

1. A short attention span for routine tasks. ADD or ADHD sufferers can pay attention to things that interest them personally, but boring, routine tasks such as schoolwork, homework and chores won't hold their attention for very long.

2. They are Disorganized - Taking a peek at the closet, closet and possessions of a child and you'll get a good clue as to whether the child suffers from ADD or not. Their closets are like a jumble sale and their rooms look like an explosion took place.

3. ADD/ADHD children have a hard time following through and completing the tasks that they have begun.

4. ADD or ADHD children have poor impulse control. A child with ADD will leap now and look later. They live in the moment with no thought for the future.

All of these symptoms exist over a prolonged period of time and often show from an early age, although in some cases the symptoms don't show until the child starts school.

Despite the type of ADD or ADHD your child has these core symptoms will be present. If your child displays any of these core symptoms there is a strong likelihood that your child has ADD or ADHD. If this is the case it is advisable to have your child evaluated by a competent professional.

Another important thing to do is to educate yourself about ADD and the best way to do that is by reading. Amazon has literally hundreds of books on ADD/ADHD. Choose a few that appeal to you and start reading. In later blog posts I will be reviewing some excellent books on ADD.

If your child has the core symptoms of ADD or ADHD and you would like to know exactly what type of ADD or ADHD your child has, go to

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ADD : Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment & Information.

ADD : Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment & Information.
My son was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and my husband also has ADD. When I found out that my son was ADD I began to search the web for information on ADD. Much of the advice I read was conflicting and confusing and the statistics alarming.
And so I began on a quest to learn all I could about ADD - to demistify it and uncover the truth.
So in this blog you will find good, solid advice from one parent to the next.